CMF's $38 by 38 Campaign

You may have received an email message similar to this one from one or more of us....

38x38 logoHello Family and Friends!

If you do not already know, I volunteer for Crape Myrtle Festival (CMF), a nonprofit fundraising organization. Our mission is to encourage and promote the development of services for persons with AIDS and/or HIV infection and to raise money to provide financial assistance, outreach and education to realized needs within the local gay and lesbian community. Additionally, we seek to strengthen the growth and healthy diversity, creativity and communication within the gay and lesbian community and to honor these accomplishments through grand celebration.

Crape Myrtle Festival has been fundraising for 38 years and has raised over $2 million! So why am I emailing you? Each year, volunteers such as myself gather and plan out a year of fundraising. This year to celebrate, we are promoting a campaign “$38 by 38.” But wait, why only 38 dollars? Between the court of volunteers I serve on and the Board of Directors, there are 38 of us. We figure with numbers as perfect as that, “$38 by 38” just makes sense.

We did some research and found what $38 can do in our community:

  • HIV testing for a Couple (2 people)
  • Enough condoms to protect over 500 people
  • Half a weeks’ worth of groceries for one person living with HIV/AIDS in North Carolina

If you can help me reach my goal this year, please click here. You will be directed to our Click & Pledge donation page where you can donate. Thank you for your support and for helping CMF have another successful year!

Member of CMF38

Even if you haven't received it yet, you may still contribute to this important campaign to help people in dire need of our support.

CMF38's $38 by 38 Campaign

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

CMF38 Court

  • Kasey Ashton, CMF38 Queen
  • Alicia Brandes, CMF38 Co-Queen
  • Daniel Arnold
  • Jessie Brandes
  • Kenny Coates
  • Kimberly Watson DeLeon
  • Brandy Duke
  • Michael Hamilton
  • Brittany Hogin
  • Jason Holliday
  • Karla Lineback
  • Laura Parrish
  • Brad Pettyjohn
  • Daniel M. Portee
  • Gary Roundtree
  • Bridget Ryan
  • Ben Stull
  • Cal Thompson
  • Randi Leigh Viohl
  • Brandie Wagers
  • Tabor Winstead

CMF38 Board of Directors

  • Dan Woodard, Board President
  • Kurt Hurelbrink, Vice President
  • Carlos O'Neal, Secretary
  • Christina Moore, Treasurer
  • Patrick Lee
  • Fred Livingston
  • Justin Natvig
  • Kyle Overby
  • Steven Norris
  • Patty Van Wyck
  • Emeritus: Bill Donovan, Jaci Field, Arthur Jordan, Chris Smith