We Are CMF

CMF37 Court

Justin Natvig and Kasey AshtonQueens

Each year the CMF Board selects a Queen and Co-Queen to lead the fundraising efforts for the current year.

This year we are privileged to have two phenomenal leaders for CMF37.

Justin Natvig, CMF37 Queen​
Kasey Ashton, CMF37 Co-Queen



Each year the CMF Board selects a new group of volunteers to serve CMF for a year, beginning and ending at our Annual Grand Gala. These are the people who put in time, effort, laughter, and tears to make the fundraising possible.

CMF37 Court
  • Benjamin Blackmon
  • Jessie Brandes
  • Alicia Brandes
  • Thomas Chancey
  • Kenny Coates
  • Randi Leigh Eattock
  • Dillan Gay
  • Jason Holliday
  • MaRanda Kiser
  • Freddie Livingston
  • Jonathan McKee
  • Daniel Portee
  • Brandon Pressley
  • Bryan Rawls
  • Spencer Rivers
  • Brian Senter
  • Dave Severence
  • Benjamin Stull
  • Cal Thompson
  • Tabor Winstead

CMF38 Court Application/Nominee Form